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How to Socialize an Adult Dog with Other Dogs Part II

A couple of days ago, my dog Saint and I went to our local tennis court to play a game of fetch before I headed to work. This has now become part of our daily routine and his primary form of exercise. As I tossed the ball for Saint, I noticed a woman and her young dog (about 5 months) approaching the fence. More accurately, the dog was pulling her to us, dragging her along behind. As they approached, Saint showed no interest in them, even when she asked “Can we come inside?” I politely replied, “I’d rather not, because my dog’s not going to enjoy sharing his ball.”

Socializing an Adult Dog with Other Dogs

As the director of training at a facility that also offers doggy daycare, I often get inquiries asking for help in socializing adult dogs with other dogs to stop leash reactivity, aggression, poor manners, and so on. I also see owners bring their dogs to daycare for the sole purpose to socialize with other dogs. With my background in human psychology

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