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Canina Dog Training is dedicated to enhance dog-owner relationships through positive reinforcement.

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Canina Dog Training’s unique programs seek to empower dog owners and challenge dogs to perform at the highest level. Using positive methods, dog owners will learn to balance a range of rewards (such as treats, toys, petting, praise, and play) and learn about effective discipline and structure.

Canina Dog Training views dogs as individuals using training techniques that are unique to your dog’s way of learning to increase your confidence in your dog’s behavior and performance. We seek to improve your dog’s physical and mental health by balancing food rewards and adding cardiovascular activities and play in training, and helping you find your dog’s perfect balance between stimulation and rest.

What We Do

Private Dog Training

Work one on one with your instructor in either the privacy of your home or outdoors. During your lesson, our behavior experts will create an action plan based on your goals..

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Private Dog Training

Canina Dog Training - Private Lessons

Group Dog Training

We offer a variety of group classes at our partnered facility, DoGoneFun, in Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood. Our classes are kept to a maximum of six students so students can receive optimal individual attention and guidance.

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Group Dog Training

Canina Dog Training - Group Classes

Condo Seminars & Training

Dogs in high rises have a higher responsibility: they need to learn to control themselves in small spaces such as elevators, hallways, lobbies, etc. That's why we have seminars and trainings for Chicago-land buildings.

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Condo Seminars & Training

Canina Dog Training - Daytime Training

Online Training

We're always looking for ways to expand our offering, coming soon we will offer online training for you and your dog! Check back or email us to learn when.

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Online Training

Canina Dog Training - Ultimate Training Program

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Our Win/Win Philosophy

Our training programs are focused on what is best for pet guardians/owners as well as their dogs. By focusing on teaching owners to be effective leaders versus using outdated alpha, pack-leader, and wolf/dominance models based on force and intimidation, we are strengthening the owner-dog bond through collaboration. We educate our clients about their dogs’ breed and needs, and facilitate the expression of those inborn needs through training, exercise, and understanding. In taking this approach, you will be happy and your dog will also be happy. Learn more about the benefits of positivity (and the cost of negativity) in our blog!


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What People Are Saying

I’ve known and worked with Judit,for almost six years and she was the key player in the training of my six year old Yellow Lab.  She was so good and my dog is so well trained,that I have not had a chance to use Judit and Canina Dog Training since Judit started her business.  However, I have referred a number of people to Judit and Canina Dog Training and every single one has been thrilled with both Judit and the training. My referrals speak for themselves and I will not only continue to refer others to Judit and Canina Dog Training, but will definitely use her for future dogs I have. Jean E.

Judit is the best! She has turned my little devil into a Princess. Amber is always on the lookout for Judit. She will check out every car with a driver that is parked or parking in front of our house to make sure it’s not Judit. when it is she can’t contain herself. Mary Walter

Judit is amazing!!! She is so knowledgable about dogs and their behaviors. Our dog adores her. Highly, highly recommend her! Tiffanie G.

I think Judit is amazing! My dog Buddy & I both look forward to our training sessions. After just a few sessions and at only 6 months of age, he is crate trained and has learned sit, stay, leave it, drop it, down, come and we are just getting started. Judit uses positive reinforcement to train and is very patient with both me and Buddy. I love that she is so willing to answer any questions I may have and also recommends articles and blogs about dog training and dog behaviors in general. These are great resources and very helpful, as I am a first time dog owner. One of Judit’s recommendations was a calming CD to help my dog relax and calm down when he is overstimulated or while I’m away for a few hours, and it works! The first time I played the calming CD we both fell asleep to it! I’m looking forward to what is to come as we continue training with Judit. Maybe one day we’ll even look into doing some agility work. Highly recommend Canina Dog Training! Kim M.

Being a first time dog owner i had no idea what to expect. So i took my Rottweiler Bruno to Judit’s Puppy class. The class itself is very knowledgeable. Judit is patient with not only the puppies but with the owners as well and takes her time giving detailed instructions on how to properly perform commands. She is also very helpful with any other questions you may have about other things. I would always ask questions after class about my dog and what to do in certain situations and Judit was more than happy to answer them and give me helpful advice. Your dog will not be the only getting training out of Judit but yourself as well.  This all helps you build confidence on handling your dog. I highly recommend Canina for any dog owner looking for great training for their pet. Freddy A.

My dog Max and I have been taking agility classes with Judit for about 3 months now and we both absolutely love it! I like how even though we use positive reinforcement methods, it isn’t a free for all where we let Max to do anything he wants. There are still structures and rules in place because there are definitely structures and rules in agility trials! Judit is excellent in troubleshooting any problems that Max and I are having. She observes us closely and points out anything that I am doing incorrectly or that might be causing Max to unsuccessfully complete an obstacle. She then provides helpful tips and suggestions to help us improve. Max and I look forward to many more lessons with her 🙂 Clarine with Max

Now I have to talk about their out of world training team! About a year ago we adopted a chihuahua puppy that was rescued from a horrible hoarding/neglect situation. Our puppy was terrified of daycare but we needed an option for her when we are gone for long periods of time. Also, she was scared of everyone and everything. I took a couple of privates through them over the summer to work on her confidence and Judit (the main trainer) suggested day training. I wish I had have gotten her in there sooner. Day training is awesome if you want your dog to gain confidence and good behavior but find it difficult to work with them in a class setting or with just you. Once a week our puppy goes to DoGone Fun and works with the training staff and spends some time on the play lot. She is more confident, and has made strides in becoming more social. She actually is excited to go now! I love picking her up from training and hearing all the staff talk about her day and the good things she did. It means a lot that the entire staff is invested in my fur baby! Alexandria N with Mercedes

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